Opportunities for Sponsors

Dear Sponsor,

The Colorectal club International meeting is a meeting of highly specialized experts on a field where expertise can be very decisive in the life and the development of children. This year we achieved to host this meeting prior to the European Pediatric Surgeons’ Association (EUPSA) annual congress, which is the largest Pediatric Surgical event worldwide.

The mission of both Associations is to maintain and promote high clinical standards of surgical care for the pediatric and adolescent patients in European countries, disseminate and apply new knowledge to the benefit of their patients, and to follow the highest ethical standards within the field of pediatric surgery.

Any sponsorship will be used according to the Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practice.

EUPSA is a non-profit organization registered in the Swiss commercial registry: http://www.monetas.ch

You have the opportunity to be present at both meetings

You have the unique chance to have contacts with about 800 Pediatric Surgeons from more than 65 Countries.

You could help thousands of children to be treated by well-educated doctors

You promote continuous medical education making it possible for doctors to be updated in new technologies and at the edge of medical knowledge.

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