Special Sessions

Clinical Case Discussion

This is a special session where you submit clinical cases that are either very rare or have a high educational impact. The auditorium would give their opinion and a panel of experts will be able to give their expertise.

Interdisciplinary Round Table

It is obvious that the cases we are dealing with are multidisciplinary and regard different specialities to be involved. We will organize a discussion involving on the effect of tethered cord in children with anorectal malformations inviting a neurosurgeon, a neuropaediatrician and a paediatric urologist to present their views.

Round Table Tethered Cord
Tuesday 16th May 2017
Richard Hall

Andrea Bischoff, Pediatric Surgeon, Colorado, USA
Risto Rintala, Pediatric Surgeon, Helsinki, Finland
Marc David Leclair, Pediatric Urologist, Nantes, France
Dr. Brent O’Neil, Neurosurgeon, Colorado, USA 
Fabio Triulzi, Pediatric Radiologist, Milano, Italy